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Company NameAVENIR CO.,LTD.
Date of establishmentApril. 27, 2015
Authorized CapitalJPY 25,000,000
Contents of businessThe import and export of overall food, The producing and sales of food and food raw materials, Agriculture support, Production, sale, the import and export of cosmetics raw materials, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, unregulated drug sale
Affiliated companyThailand:Botanical Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd.
Taiwan:Avenir Trading (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. Rrepresentative Director Su Chin Ming


 In many research institutions and companies, the develop new applications to beverage, food, supplement, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products which utilized the botanical biogenic water is carried out now. It has already appeared a wide variety of outcomes. We paid our attention to the botanical biogenic water considerably early and continued the work of analysis and study.
We analyzed the living body water of plants more than 40 kinds so far.
As a antresult of analysis of those botanical biogenic water, ibacterial action, various active ingredients having effects such as antibacteria action, antimycotic action, hormone balance improvement action, anticancer action and the arteriosclerosis improvement action are discovered. Through such study and analysis, We confirmed over 140 active ingredients by the end of 2016 year.
AVENIR Co., Ltd. wants to continue a study to hand the the botanical biogenic power to a human.

 Botanical Biogenic Water  

Botanical Biogenic Water , contains aroma components (active ingredient) that is included in the essential oil, etc. The technology realizes extraction of the botanical biological water "at very low temperature" and "without chemicals". As a result, a variety of active ingredients (aroma component that is contained in the essential oil, etc.) are now possible to ingest as water. Additionaly, the "powder" contains very rich nutritional components, such as iron, mineral, polyphenol and so on.. Botanical Biogenic Water" contains many components which protect plants, themselves, from fungal. So many components which has a plurality of antimicrobial activity has been detected from various plants.

!! It can be easily ingested the active ingredient as a beverage supplement

In generally, the current supplements contain many components extracted chemically."Biological water" and "powder", are made without any usage of hydrolysis and chemicals,It is The Products made by Complete and Pure Natural raw materials.

✔New Technology

It is referred to as a "vacuum solid-liquid separation". It is quite different technology from Steam Distillation or Hexane Extraction or Supercritical Extraction. Without the use of Hydrolysis or Chemicals, our new technology can extract the essential oil and biogenic water from the plant. Without damaging ingredients at a high temperature, without the worry of residual chemical substances, it is possible to keep the goodness of natural materials. The extraction at low temperature (37-40℃) keeps the the nature of the various active ingredients with the plant. The powder also contains Active ingredient by the same reason. Our products can be directly ingested.

The natural component
The new techniques that weI can manufacture without spoiling the volatile constituent, flavor components, non-volatile components and other components of the plant, creates unexpected new products from the plant.

A person can just get the power that a plant has.

Various active ingredients

The botanical biogenic water contains various active ingredients which a plant has in richness. We analyzed the botanical biogenic water of over 50 kinds, so far. As a result, ingredients more than 250 kinds are detected. In the action of the various components which a plant has, it is antibacterial action to be common. We have been doing an examination to place botanical biogenic water under environment of 42 degrees Celsius consecutively for four months (equivalent to load for one year). As a result, among the botanical biogenic waters, the general number of living bacterias that existed at the time of an experiment start was able to inspect the example which became "zero". This is due to the functions of ingredient which the plant hold because they protect themselves. AVENIR has commercialized the botanical biogenic water and the powder which contains various active ingredient with the pharmacological effects such as cancer prevention, treatment, and anti-oxidation, anti-cancer, dementia prevention, diabetes prevention, diet, and so on.

High absorbency

The ingredient of an abundant kind included in the water inhibits the power that molecular fellows of the water pull against each other. Therefore, the botanical biogenic water appears by extremely low surface tension. When the biogenic water is ranked to skin, the absorption is so quick because of very low surface tension. Furthermore, various active ingredients show an effect extremely early. Conventionally, the aroma component and the volatile constituent has been absorbed by sense of smell by using the diffuser or by heating. However, we can take the botanical biogenic water into the inside of the body as a beverage directly. Therefore the absorption of the ingredient is carried out effectively. In the cosmetics use, would say that the effectiveness is extremely high.